Monday, April 28, 2014

Sigma Premium Professional Kit

Lets just start off by saying my husband is basically AHHMAZING. I've been wanting this Sigma set for awhile now, but have been pushing it back because it's... well.... pricey. Is it worth it? I'll get into that later in this post. 

Sigma has blown up all over social media over the last few years. From YouTube gurus to bloggers, and all over the beauty industry. It's was founded in 2008 by a husband and wife team originally from Brazil. They had a mission to make Beauty Products for a more affordable price, but durable with high end features. Their brushes are used from small beginners to top end worldwide makeup artists. Word got around fast about these brushes, and for a good reason. 

It comes in this gorgeous thick case! As soon as I pulled it from the box I hugged it, looked like a total weirdo doing it and I didn't care at all. My husband knew I wanted it, but I don't think he realized how bad I wanted it till he saw the craziness coming from the other side of the couch. The case itself is amazing. It's absolutely perfect for travel or keeping your brushes in a safe secure place where they wont get messed up. It also helps that it's one of my favorite colors, like a flat black. Amazzzin. :)

Pictured above are the face brushes in the kit:

(from left to right)
  • Large Fluff - E50 (perfect for highlighting on cheek/brow)
  • Concealer - F75 (great for using defining around lips/brows)
  • Large Concealer - F65 (typical for larger areas of concealing)
  • Tapered Highlighter - F35 (subtle highlighting ex. cheek bones)
  • Duo Fibre Powder/Blush -F15 (for a diffused blush application)
  • Powder/Blush - F10 (great for precise placement of powder or blush)
  • Tapered Face - F25 (gives exact placement of product on the face)
  • Large Powder - F20 (omg, big huge soft brush, amazing for bronzing)

Eye brushes (and one lip brush, far left)
  • Lip - L05 (perfect lip brush with a cover to bring on the go etc)
  • Small Eye Liner - E10 (works well with gel or liquid eye liner)
  • Flat Definer - E15 (sharp and precise for product along upper/lower lash line)
  • Short Shader - E20 (apply in small areas or smudge out under eye)
  • Small Tapered Blending - E45 (color application for the crease)
  • Tapered Blending - E35 (effect is blended but defined w. this brush)
  • Blending - E25 (controlled blending brush, buff out harsh lines)

This is the Premium Professional Kit from Sigma. Like I said earlier, I've been wanting this set FOR-EVER. I was absolutely shocked when this came in the mail for me from my husband. It was my 25th birthday this last Saturday (the 26th). Bryan surprised me by going above and beyond this year! I wont go into full detail but lets just say I effing love that man. He did good, real good. 

These brushes are purely amazing. I love them already and I haven't put in for a trial and error (but I will, and will update). I had one brush before this kit and that was the F80 Flat Top Kabuki. Aka, one of the greatest foundation brushes out there. I bought it off of ebay, because it was cheaper for me at the time. This thing is incredible! Yes, I know everyone raves about it. There's a reason for that! After I started using this brush I almost felt stupid for not finding this sooner. Makes your foundation look flawless and almost airbrushed. I clean it regularly and it still stands up to my expectations after every wash. I have never seen any hair fall out or anything! Very sturdy and you can tell it'll last you a long time. Once I had this brush, I knew I needed the rest.

In conclusion I love these brushes, even though I just started using them.... today. So with that said I will update for a trial and error in a couple of months. They're beautiful high quality brushes for an amazing price. M.A.C. has nothing on Sigma.. nothing. 

Questions or comments? Post below. These were not sent to me, these were a gift from my husband. All opinions are my own and I would never mislead anyone of any product reviewed by myself. Have things you'd like to send for me to review? send an email here.

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